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Find Michigan wineries and vineyards, and enjoy Michigan wine tours,  wine tastings and more with ”Michigan Wineries & Vineyards.”

The wineries of Michigan specialized in sweet  wine and fruit wine well into the 1970s. With the growth in demand,  starting in the latter half of the 20th century, for locally grown and  locally labeled fine wines, several existing Michigan makers of sweet  wine experimented with upgrading their production, and new vintners  entered the scene.

The traditional wines of Michigan were sweet  wines, often made from grape varieties native to North America, such as  the Catawba, Concord, and Niagara, or from hybrid grapes partly  developed by crossing native species with vinifera grapes. North  American native grapes have the advantage of being adapted to local  growing conditions, with consequent high fruit yield.

Michigan may be the foremost state in the  production of diverse varieties of bottled, fermented fruit wine. Fruit  wine has a long and honorable history in Europe, especially in  regions  such as Poland and the Baltic states where grapes do not easily grow.  In Michigan, apple wine and cherry wine are produced in the highest  volume, but almost any fruit juice can be fermented with novel results. Michigan is the leading state for tart cherry production and much of  the Traverse City vineyard land was formerly cherry orchards. A number of Michigan wineries produce cherry wine, spice cherry wine and   cherry-grape blends. Michigan is a North American leader in the   production of fortified fruit wines and eau-de-vie (fruit brandy).

Numerous new wineries and vineyards have been added to the northeastern lower peninsula and uppper peninsula in recent years. 

Stroll through lush vineyards amidst the  rolling hills of Michigan. Tour our wineries and learn how Michigan  vintners are continuing the ancient craft of wine making. Relax in a  tasting room and savor the  many varieties of Michigan wine available.  We invite you to enjoy the hospitality and spirit of the Michigan Vine to Wine  Experience.

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